Design and Conquer.

This is your machine. This is your race.



Vector 36 is Physics-Based Racer set on the terraformed surface of Mars. You pilot a Skimmer, a completely customizable, surface skimming vehicle. Piloting skill and engineering make the difference between winning and losing.

  • Physics Based

    Each part of your Skimmer is bound by the laws of physics. Moving internal components will shift the center of gravity, adjusting angles of thrusters will affect it's flight characteristics. You are responsible for how your Skimmer performs.

  • Constructable

    Choose from a wide selection of parts, accessories, passive weapons, or support gear to adjust your Skimmer to its task. Whether it's a quick sprint at full boost, an endurance race with hardened parts, or a hill climb where lift is more important than thrust; evolve or get left behind.

  • Easy to Expand

    Witness new Skimmers, tracks, obstacles, bots, parts, weapons, opponents, planets. Vector 36 will be growing over time.

  • Latest Graphic Tech

    Developed using the latest game technology. Unity drives the game, realtime GI fills the scene with dynamic daylight, physically based shaders make the metal shine, full screen motion blur propels the player.

  • VR Ready

    Full Oculus Rift support will be followed by Steam VR. VR controllers will mimic in-cockpit hands and controls.


Check out the latest screenshots

Morning Race
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Man / Machine
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Morning Race
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Night Hairpin
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Aganippe Fossae
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Hopper Cockpit
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New Skimmers
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New Parts
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Custom Skimmers
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Nanowave Garage
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Your input matters. Vector36 aims to be community driven.

At its core, Vector 36 is about making a game for the community to share, discuss, and compete with. Initially, some features will be in development.





Got halfway through the video, saw the building aspect and audibly emitted "Are you ******* serious?!"


The gran turismo of wipeout.

never though i would see something like this.


Ever get that moment when you say:

"Oh ****. That was going to be my next game."



Red River Studio

Since 2007, Red River Studio has specialized in 3D graphics for engineering and energy infrastructure companies. As of 2010, it has shifted gears to work on video games, because games are awesome.

Ryan McKee


Originally from the East Coast USA, he has a background in mechanical engineering, contracted for the US Navy, NASA, and started Red River Studio in 2007. He moved to New Zealand in 2008 and has since been in Christchurch as a freelance 3D artist. Ryan has been modding and developing indie games for many years, but Vector 36 is his first solo venture.

Vector 36

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