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Vector 36 is Physics-Based Racer set on the terraformed surface of Mars. You pilot a Skimmer, a completely customizable, surface skimming vehicle. With total control over every component, you are responsible for how your Skimmer performs. Piloting skill and engineering make the difference between winning and losing. Race other pilots through various tracks on Mars. Compete in Sprint, Circuit, or Tournament modes to win credits, parts, or new Skimmers. Race your friends through Vector 36's amazing ghost replay system. Take on the world with Global Leaderboards. Push your machine to the limits until you are the fastest settler on Mars.


Vector 36 was created through a combination of a love for racing games, simulated physics, and sci-fi movies. Originally crafted in Unreal, but eventually moved to Unity in early stages, Vector 36's development process has been relatively swift. Vector 36 went into Early Access in Steam on October of 2015 shortly before it was announced as a runner up in the NZGDC Kiwi Game Starter Competition. It spent a little over a year in Early Access, where it was honed into the final release as of January 25 2017.


Red River Studio is a solo-developer game studio located in Christchurch, New Zealand. It has specialized in 3D engineering graphics since 2007, but turned to creating world class gaming in 2014 with it's first Steam title Vector 36. Red River Studio plans on extending Vector 36 to the consoles and constantly updating the game to increase the universe and inventory.

Red River Studio is:

Ryan McKee (Director)

Founding Date:

October 2007 (USA) September 2014 (NZ)


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