Frequently Asked Questions.

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Will there be guns?

This version of Vector 36 will not have active weaponry like guns. The focus is on the racing and the precision tuning of the vehicles. There are however passive weaponry such as reactor cores you can purge to create area effects.

Where is the multiplayer?

Vector 36 utilizes a Ghost Replay system for players to race others around the world, at their discretion. Beating a lap record sets your status to the global leaderboards, and uploads a replay. You can then go through your competitors and challenge them for prize, position, and a chance to own their skimmer. This replay system is robust enouogh for future expansion, and multiple skimmer races, and even P2P MP can be possible. Keep watching the game for important MP updates.

How will the DLC work?

All content released for Vector 36 will be free for everyone who owns the game. There will be periodic releases of new content, but there is no set DLC schedule. Paid DLC will be in the form of Garage updates, which will be a new garage model, more skimmer max slots, and new theme music.

Can you make this or that for me?

In the end, I am making a game for the gamers. Let me know what you want to see in the game and I will do my best to accommodate. I am not a large studio so I can have my finger on the pulse. That being said, Vector36 is meant to be a simulator, so there are certain features I can't compromise.